Hello, clean + green journey

MightyNest is a monthly subscription box and online store. One month at a time, it introduces healthy green living to its members. 

I initiated and led the redesign of the core product offering, the MightyFix membership journey, a CX flow that weaves together the real world (unboxing & product use) and digital (email & webpages, mobile & desktop).  

This far-reaching project addressed nearly every member touchpoint: initial sign-up, 3D unboxing experience, email communications & sequence, website tie-ins and marketing/pr communications.  I also directed and wrote nearly all of the content for 21+ months & 273 touchpoints in the customer journey

  • Vision
  • CX strategy
  • CX design
  • Product development
  • Content strategy
  • Writing
  • Copywriting for multivariate A/B testing

If  you’d like to see the full case study, content strategy and more examples. please reach out.

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Creating a scalable customer journey ecosystem

Early high level flows set up the basic relationship between experiences, communications and actions. 

The final ecosystem included 13+ unique monthly touchpoints. The prototype became the template for ongoing design and content.

Content strategy & development

Box insert

Lunchskins insert

Web pages

New infographic content helps members visualize their impact.